Do I Need to stop using drugs and alcohol?

Updated: Jan 22

I was struggling with my addiction to drugs.

I was able to put them down every now and then. But I kept picking the drugs up again. Despite all the drama in my life, I couldn’t stop using. Well, more to the point, I could stop for a brief moment, my issue appeared to be that I couldn’t stay stopped. Worse, each time I started using again, it seemed I was using more, caring less, engaging in riskier activities and associating with people just like me, people who seemed to have given up and accepted their lot in life. My mind was playing tricks on me, I couldn’t trust it, it was telling me lies and worse, I seemed to believe those lies despite the very evidence of my life. Was I going insane, I laughed at that, it seemed maybe I was!

Looks like I needed professional assistance.

“Turns out my life was a mess, I was the last to realise, I needed professional help and i needed it fast.”

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